We are entering the fall season and demand for locally grown produce couldn’t be higher.  In 1994, 1,744 farmers’ markets were registered with the USDA -- today, there are 7,864 (Bloomberg Newsweek).  It’s not just farmers’ markets, grocery stores that proudly advertise local foods have increased in recent years as have restaurants advertising “farm-to-table” ingredients and dishes.  With crop shortages across the United States, markets and farms have been looking for creative ways to not only stay open, but also to keep up with this rise in popularity.  Here are some of the ways our customers have kept up with demand:

- U-Pick Orchards invest in market bakeries and agritainment to attract guests even when fruit supply is low.

- Weather damaged apples are processed into cider.

- Growers & Brokers are networking more than ever before to buy produce from less affected farms.

Networking has always been a part of farming, but farmers and brokers are travelling across state lines looking for produce in record numbers.  This is a great year to work together.  We would love to hear your stories of how you have kept up with demand for locally grown produce this year.  Give us a call today!