Trending Now: Bale Art

Farm Market Bale Art

Crisp air and changing leaves have hit the Midwest, which means it's prime seasons for visiting your favorite orchard. While u-pick apples, cow trains and corn mazes are synonymous with fall fun - we are seeing another attraction popping up at area orchards and markets: enter hay bale art!


Bale art is a form of sculpture that transforms hay bales into animals, characters and even tiny villages.

It uses otherwise discarded hay bales and turns them into art.  These bales can't feed cows, horses or goats because they contain water, mold or mildew. So, nothing is wasted in the process.

What is needed to create bale art?

  • Bales of hay
  • Recycled pain
  • Chicken Wire
  • Bailing Twine
  • Zip Ties
  • Lumbar
  • Spent tires

How to assemble bale art?

  1. Position large bales with tractor.
  2. Shape chicken wire frame with pliers and stuff by hand with additional hay.
  3. Once the form meets the creator’s specifications, it is then spray painted with a commercial sprayer.

The entire process takes about 3-5 days per sculpture.

Why do most farm markets create these works of art?

For the reactions from kids and the smiles -  some artists also create these to help raise money and public awareness for local charities and non-profits.

Does your farm market have bale art?

We would love to see yours and help spread more smiles!  Submit your bale art photo and you may be featured in our newsletter and/or our Facebook Page. Email to

Photos compliments of Michigan customers; Johnson’s Giant Pumpkins, Saginaw Michigan and  Orchard Market and Lewis Farm Market in Free Soil, MI.