Our Commitment to Food Safety

At Rockford Package Supply, food safety and safe packaging are top priorities.

Food Safety Training Class

Because we are dedicated to making sure your produce reaches customers in the safest, freshest condition, we conduct food safety certification courses for area growers, packers, and shippers right at our offices. Our recent HACCP and FSMA PCQI courses have been an opportunity to bring together customers from different commodities and experiences to tackle the unique challenges facing the produce industry.

Our own Packaging Safety Inspection and Certification is done by PrimusLabs, a global leader in food safety. You can download a pdf of our 2017 Audit Certificate here, and request a copy of our 2017 Audit Results here.


As part of our food safety program and requirements of our Primus audit, we take ongoing steps to ensure FDA compliance of our products and that our packaging is safe for food contact and/or for use in a food facility. 

In addition to ensuring our own facility and products are compliant, we maintain a current file of audit certificates and/or compliance letters from our vendors. Providing this documentation on an annual basis is a requirement of working with Rockford Package Supply. This documentation may include, but is not limited to FDA & Food Additive Regulation compliance, BPA-free statements, Lead/PCB-free statements, and certificates of origin. 

Although we are unable to control conditions once products exit our facility, all inbound or outbound shipments are held to these same standards before they enter or leave our facility. In turn, these products are expected to be used as intended. 

Food Safety Modernization Act 

Because of new laws under FSMA, we are working on several new initiatives to enhance our commitment to food safety. We have recently sent notice to our suppliers that we will be requiring audit certification in all cases. We will also require evidence of a GMP component in all audits to ensure continuity across the supply chain. In addition, we have taken steps toward developing HAACP and Preventive Controls programs. Though these programs are not yet a requirement of our audits, we believe in being proactive when it comes to providing safe packaging for our customers. 

Our Primus Audit & Supplier Evaluation (Packaging– 14.09v) 

Rockford Package Supply maintains a safe facility with full sanitation and pest control programs, traceability programs and recall procedures, good manufacturing practices to keep our storage and production areas free from adulteration, inbound/outbound inspection criteria, and requirements for the safety and sanitation of products from our vendors. Specifically, we have maintained Total Conformance on the following audit questions pertaining to supplier evaluation and content 

(Primus Packaging Audit – 14.09v

2.5.3 – Is there a list of approved suppliers for packaging materials and sanitation chemicals? (Total Conformance) 

2.5.4 – Is there a written procedure for approval and continued monitoring of suppliers of packaging materials and sanitation chemicals? (Total Conformance) 

2.5.5 – Does the facility have relevant third party audit reports, supplier third party audit certifications and/or supplier letters of guarantee for packaging items (Total Conformance) 

We appreciate your business & partnership! Thank you, 

Chad Paulson 

Customers Director 

Rockford Package Supply 

(Download a PDF of this information)